One of the Madman’s Very Unofficial Top Ten Films Of All Time, without a doubt, is Fight Club. Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk and brilliantly manifested for the screen by David Fincher, Fight Club was the type of film that defied categorization, somehow addressing and articulating the inexplicable, inchoate anxiety and bullshit and disenchantment of the Modern American […]

25 Apr
The Curse of Medusa, Californication and big giant tampons

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…(read vol I,  vol II, vol III, vol IV, vol V,  vol VI, vol VII, vol. VIIIvol IX, vol X,  vol XI, vol XII,  vol XIII, vol XIV and vol XV) Back in December I suffered from that she-devil known as “writer’s block.” You’d think — considering the nature of writer’s block and who suffers from it — that […]

According to The Quietus, Radiohead is scoring Choke — the new Chuck Palahniuk flick. This is amazing on like 12 different levels. First off, Radiohead’s ambient twiddlings, when done right, are just about custom-made for a good cinematic backdrop. Second, you have Palahniuk’s best book since the infamous, and still mindblowing, Fight Club. Add Sam […]