23 Dec
The beginning of a series of Godard-inspired musings

The upcoming Alphaville Series takes its name from hipster God and French New Wave pioneer Jean Luc Godard’s 1965 film of the same name. The themes from the 1960s cinematic movement— full of stylistic experimentation and philosophical dialogue — centered on the ills of contemporary society. Godard’s Alphaville is about a city called Alphaville, a […]

12 Nov
Undercurrents' solar-powered theatrical experience

The Sol Cinema is a project funded by the media arts charity Undercurrents, an experiment in new ways to appreciate film while still being eco-savvy. Created from a vintage 1960’s two-berth caravan and completely powered by the sun, he idea behind the non-profit theater was to create awareness of environmental issues. The Sol Cinema has […]

28 Oct
The Pixies frontman scores 1920's cinematic masterpiece

When one hears that Black Francis, frontman to the peerless Pixies (where he was known as Frank Black, of course), is scoring a film the hair on the back of any music lover’s neck should tingle with glee. Seeing as his “Where Is My Mind” was the soundtrack to the best climax in a 90s […]