NOTE: Albert Lord is the CEO of Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is a privately owned American student loan company. If that company were a person, it wouldn’t be like Sally Struthers or even like the mamma of Forrest Gump, Sally Field. It would be more like Kim Jong-il or Dick Cheney. Dear Mr. Lord (or […]

23 Nov
Cielo just upgraded their soundsystem too...

This Friday night our pal Citizen Kane, Darshan Jesrani & guest DJ Harvey take the upgraded Cielo sound system out for a spin, be there! Cielo upgraded their soundsystem… it kicked ass before—it’s gotta be nuts now.

We’ve got a special treat coming to LA this Saturday. Our boy Citizen Kane (Disques Sinthomme, Ghost Town, NYC) doesn’t make it to our town very often, so get ready for a seriously good time. Throwback disco excursions, obscure finds and the kinda expert edits that make the young girls cry—and dance. Simply put guy […]

Love has one of the best soundsystems I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. No BS. Our boy Dennis “Citizen” Kane (you can peep the feature we did on him here) is going to work it out with Harvey tomorrow night. Ummm, if you’re in NYC right now, go! It’s gonna be bananas.