There was a time when I moved to Venice Beach in the 90s that life was super simple, like a Wu Tang track. I was dead broke, but rent was about $350 a month at the time which means you could probably scare it up in a couple days if you really put your hustle […]

Do you have a problem waking up via alarm clock? Is your first instinct to sleep right through its incessant ringing, if not smashing it against the wall with one potent Jonathan Papelbon-like fastball against the wall? Then you might be in the market for the Thunderclap Alarm Clock — a 113-decibel screamer that’s loud […]

10 Mar
MOMA's spinnable World Time Clock

Seeing as Mundt is lost in the dark jungles of Nicaragua right about now, allegedly working on filing some tales of Mayan adventure, this clock is the just thing his mosquito filled tent might be missing. The World Time Clock from MOMA is a unique and very portable way to quickly figure out what time […]

28 Sep
The Alarm Clock that shouts, dances and smiles

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, this tantrum alarm clock is the perfect gadget to get you out of bed. In your choice of either lime or yellow, this alarm clock pounds its fists and opens its mouth while “shouting” its alarm. As your selected wake-up time approaches within five minutes, its […]

19 Aug
Saikat Biswas designs a clock with no hands

The concept of the Obligatory Designer Clock is fairly simple. Instead of cluttering up the clock-face with time markers, digits, numerals, hour and minute hands, designer Saikat Biswas decided to clean it all up with a simple one mark interface. As Biswas describes of the timetelling: “For example at 3 o’clock the 3rd hour marking […]

10 Sep
five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock rock

Hey DJs, having trouble keeping time whilst on the decks? Have no fear, the turntable clock is here. Wear this piece of blingin’ convergence around your neck, hang it from a wall or hook it to your set up. The turntable clock, from Pixelthis, makers of the hard drive clock, the bike gear clock, the […]