29 Jul
Two new canvas styles for Fall/Winter 2011

Camouflage will never fade from the streetwear scene, and its employment on every accessory and article imaginable will occur till the last bodega closes (Penfield & Sperry‘s latest collabo only one recent example). So seeing artist C-Law team up with British label Addict for a pair of canvas shoes with full camo pattern seems par […]

1 Mar
New premium high-tops for Spring/Summer 2011

Puma taps Alexander McQueen to continue their highly successful collaborations together, this time releasing this pair of “Eagle Print” high-tops. The visually striking sneakers feature a pair of layered wings that have been “printed from high-density nylon nets on top first, and then covered with a translucent pressure machete. With a rubber sole and leather […]

27 Jan
JGood's Sneaker Customization Kit

What better way to recycle an old pair of sneakers than to customize them yourself. The JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit is a a box that contains everything you need to nurture your artistic skills and create a one-of-a-kind pair of kicks. The box includes 5 jars of waterproof leather paint, empty mixing jar, brushes, wipes […]

29 Nov
Just in case you missed out on the H&M collaboration

A beautiful grey wool-cashmere blend coat from Lanvin. Sure their collabo with H&M had the blogs abuzzing, but did anyone actually get their hands on any items? From what I heard, two minutes after 8 am all the inventory had been scooped up in massive piles by a couple folks and is now making eBay […]

22 Nov
Visvim and Moncler collaborate on 2-in-1 jacket set

Part of the collaborative collection between Visvim and Moncler, this highly versatile 2-in-1 Moncler V Goryu hunting style jacket comes in two separate pieces. On the outside is a nicely detailed Gortex-lined woolen outercoat, and inside is a traditional down jacket. Ideal for the winter weather, the two pieces can be worn separately or together. […]

19 Oct
Weather resistant boots for the Royals

Barbour, the UK-based company most notable for having the royal warrant to provide the British Royal family with waterproof clothing (really? you need a warrant to give them free clothes?) have collaborated with Rockport to release these limited-edition collection of shoes. Unfortunately, they look rather clumpy. Neither the coloring nor the structure of these boots […]

29 Jul
The prototypical American streetwear brand celebrates their 30th

The latest addition to Stussy’s 30th Anniversary collection, titled XXX, is a collaboration with the classic Clarks Wallabee. To celebrate the occasion the prototypical American streetwear brand aligned with the iconic British boot to create a headturning Wallabee, one which fuses black leather with a ballistic nylon on the upper, combined with Clark’s distinctive crepe […]

17 May
Esteemed French silversmiths collaborate with esteemed French street artist

Esteemed French silversmiths Christofle collaborated with esteemed French street artist Space Invader to create this silver pendent. Although intended for a necklace, Christofle suggest you can toss it on your luggage, or accessorize any random object with it — much like Space Invader throws up his tile mosaics on most unusual locations. It will set […]