20 Aug
Knog's color bicycle locks

Bicycle locks nowadays are usually drab and not pleasant to look at. Australian bicycle accessory bicycle company Knog aims to destroy the stereotype of a typical bicycle lock. The seven new locks that Knog has created follow the engineering of typical locking devices, but with colorful design twists. The locks are now available in the […]

6 Jul
DinScooter hands you the brushes to their empty canvas

Swedish scooter manufacturer DinScooter has thrown their brand into the growing bicycle market with their Bike By Me, and in a moment of ingenuity allowed you to play the role of lead designer. Customize everything from the frame, tires, seat, rims and handlebars — even seat posts and chains are open for interpretation. The 20-pound […]

29 Jun
Riding the fine line between homage and exploitation

Seeing as Native American prints have peaked in the streetwear game, you knew it wouldn’t take long before brands started venturing a bit further south of the border. Enter this latest iteration of Van’s slip-on, the “Guata Stripe”, which appropriates boldly colorful indigenous Guatemalan fabric patterns onto their classic silhouette. There’s a fine line between […]

13 May
Bowties by Pierrepont Hicks

The bowtie will forever be a staple of men’s fashion, but just because it’s a classic accessory doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. Pierrepont Hicks’ Hatteras Bowtie is an obvious break from the traditional black-tie-only goods. The seersucker/sky blue plaid bowtie is hand-finished in the garment district of NYC and is […]

17 Mar
The ever colorful O-Nest Chair

The O-Nest Chair from The Future Perfect is simply eye catching. Tord Boonjtse for Moroso designed the seat and it’s clearly inspired by Earth’s gravity defying class: birds. At this point I’m not sure whether to sit in it or hatch out of it, but frankly I could care less what I do with it as long as […]

19 Feb
Find your luggage with ease

In this new era where nearly every airline charges you to check your luggage, having capable carry-on pieces is essential. Hideo Wakamatsu’s Bean 19 line is a colorful and inexpensive option, its bright hues guaranteeing you won’t have any problems locating your luggage on a crowded carousel. The Bean 19 line features soft, “silent moving” […]