Last week we welcomed back one of our favorite shows to the airwaves, Archer, and this week another beloved crew of debaucherous, egomaniacal, dimwitted jerkoffs returns to the cable boxes: Workaholics. If you for some reason have yet to catch the weekly genius of Adam, Ders, Blake and Carl, we highly recommend you start — […]

Daft Punk was supposed to play on the Colbert Report yesterday, but due to a conflict with MTV (spoiler alert: they’re “surprise guests” at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards) they were contractually cockblocked from playing his show. Of course that won’t stop the juggernaut that is Stephen Colbert, so he took to the streets […]

10 Jun
26 more insults from Bender comin' atcha!

Today is a great day. Comedy Central announced today it’s bringing Futurama back from past cancellation for 26 new half-hour episodes. Nerds worldwide, rejoice! That means 26 more bouts of Bender’s shiny metal ass for your joyous lives! What’s odd about the life cycle of the show is that it’s been off the air for […]