17 Sep
Super7 collabs with Lucasfilm on first Super Shogun toy in 25 years and releases 1970s commercial

UPDATE: Super7 just released a retro-flavored commercial for the Star Wars Stormtrooper Super Shogun we highlighted back in February, peep it below! As part of a collaboration between toy design studio Super7 and the great Lucas dynasty, it’s the first Super Shogun figure made in over twenty-five years and it’s all Star Wars, baby! This […]

23 Jul
The burlesque legend heats up for, then cools off with, Perrier

Kudos to Perrier for having the marketing balls to execute their latest campaign, titled Perrier Mansion with Dita Von Teese. I mean it doesn’t take Don Draper to realize pairing your product with someone as smoldering as von Teese is a surefire win, but the manner in which Perrier taps into her sensuality to promote […]

18 Jun
Towards abolishing the Death Penalty

An incredibly well made and powerful ad from Amnesty International petitioning for the worldwide abolishment of the Death Penalty. Really nice stuff. See, we’re not all about E3 booth babes and expensive Scotch. We got a heart too…

19 May
Coke + Robots = Good Commercial

Another in our series of great commercials that elevate the artform. Created by French director Edouard Salier, he of the latest and much-blogged-about Massive Attack video “Splitting the Atom”, this Argentinian commercial Coke Quest tells a story in the framework of a football-obsessed South American lad fighting robots. Coke Quest directed by Edouard Salier from […]

17 May
New NASA-commissioned planes to save fuel and pollution

In the past 50 years very little has changed in basic airplane design, and due to the growth in air travel the present system we have will not be able to absorb the growth. So NASA granted MIT a $2.1 million research contract to develop environmental and performance concepts that lead aviation into the next […]

1 Mar
Michelin Man goes to battle

Watching the USA vs Canada gold medal game this weekend — one of the rare times I cannot TiVo through commercials — they played this Michelin ad and I actually rewound and watched it  again. Great animation, and what’s there not to like about a giant, evil Kaiju-like gas pump to battle? That’s how you […]

29 Jan
Why not drive your supercar upside down?

How do you show off the power of a 563 hp, 6.3-liter V8 supercar with 479 lb-ft of torque? Well if you’re Mercedes Benz and you want to show off your new 2011 SLS AMG you hire Michael Schumacher to drive it through a tunnel…upside down. Why not? The Gullwing SLS AMG sprints from 0 […]

13 Jan
Invent a pause. Open a Twix.

Here’s a pretty clever Brazilian commercial for Twix with the slogan Invent a pause. Open a Twix. Guy sure picked a good time to invent a pause…