Last week we welcomed back one of our favorite shows to the airwaves, Archer, and this week another beloved crew of debaucherous, egomaniacal, dimwitted jerkoffs returns to the cable boxes: Workaholics. If you for some reason have yet to catch the weekly genius of Adam, Ders, Blake and Carl, we highly recommend you start — […]

OH my god, I just pooped my pants when I read the headline to this video. Do you have any idea how long I’ve wished to be a fly on the wall in The Simpsons writers room during its halcyon Conan O’Brien years? You know, when they were penning the monorail song, and sending Homer […]

15 Mar
Humility and humor in the face of defeat

An animated typography interpretation of Conan O’Brien’s farewell address on his last day at NBC. Wow, truly bad ass. I’ve been with Team Coco since Day One (anyone who wrote the “Monorail Song” on The Simpsons has my eternal respect), and his humility and humor in the face of such a stunning career blow only […]

20 Jan
The stylized Meteor Mic by Samson

A microphone with quality and function that takes you back to a time of smoke-filled speakeasies, fedoras, well groomed crooners and high balls of bourbon. The Meteor Mic is a USB microphone brought to you by the fine folks at Samson, featuring a retro design that emulates the large bulky mics music idols used to […]

Don’t know how I missed this, but it’s just too funny not to pass on. To promote his new show on TBS (which premiers November 8), Coco buys a 1969 Dodge Dart, loads it up with plastic explosives, fireworks and popcorn, and drives it off a 900 foot cliff. Dude is like Rambo wrapped up […]

24 Jul
The human-powered monorail. Why?

[youtube][/youtube] This Kiwi Jeffrey Barnett invented a human powered monorail. Didn’t these guys invent bungee jumping?? What the hell’s wrong with that country — I’m starting to think everyone really is as spun out as Flight of the Conchords…either that or they’ve been listening to Lyle Lanley too long… [youtube][/youtube] PS: the above episode was […]

No need for an explanation. Enjoy!

Springfield Punx is pretty effing great. I wonder why Rupert hasn’t smashed his mighty octogenarian fist down on this fansite like he has all the others? This dude takes characters from around the entertainment universe and Groenipomorphosizes them, creating Simpsons versions of never-before-seen characters. Conan O’Brien, the Scorpion, even Rorsharch from Watchmen gets the re-edit. […]