11 Jun
Kibardindesign takes the digital watch from bulky to modern

Remember when we used to imagine what the years after 2001 would be like? Many ideas, I’m sure, didn’t come to fruition (i.e. flying cars, robot butlers, stun phasers, etc), but I’d imagine that the Sputnik watch is preciscely what people thought their wristwatches would one day look like. Sleek, clean, monochrome — this watch […]

1 Jun
The Apple Order taking over the world one product at a time

I should begin this by telling you that the iWatch is not a soon to be on the market product, so you can stop salivating now. The iWatch is merely a new concept from the Italian design firm ADR Studio. The watch itself fits in perfectly alongside its many other hi-tech apple products — in […]

29 Mar
The Egg House: it's what's for living

The Belgium-based architectural firm dmvA have developed the concept of the ‘egg house’. It’s a portable pod that can be placed where you choose and be used as a studio workspace, guest house, or maybe just as a quiet place for relaxation. The ‘Egg’ is even equipped with a shower and a place for you […]

12 Mar
First it was a dream, now it is a concept, and soon it will be a reality: the street legal golf car

Garia, the company who produced the world’s most expensive golf car at over $17,000, has developed a concept for a road-capable version. The Garia LSV is a low-speed vehicle which can reach speeds up to 40km/h and can be driven on public roads because it’s fully equipped with the appropriate street legal safety gear: seatbelts, […]

24 Feb
Amirko's Change It! Wall — fourth wall not included

Designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov has reinvented the wall with his “Change It!” design concept. This isn’t the first time a designer has attempted to add life to a wall. We covered Strukt’s illuminated wall back in September. But, what’s great about this wall is that it’s really 3-walls-in-1 ingeniously put together into one 20ftx20ft panel that […]