21 Sep
Earn a buck off some suckers with Nostalgia Electrics

Sure summer is cooling down, but there’s always a need to beat the heat. And the next best thing to grabbing some ice cream, and better if you’re slimming down for Fall, is a snow cone. The shaved ice treat topped off with colored syrup may sound like an easy thing to make, but believe […]

10 May
NYC's favorite experimental rockers give the people what they want

You gotta give it to Battles, they certainly know how to give the people what they want. If what they want is girls licking ice cream cones while lounging naked in the tub, doing martial arts and gettig busy with a spirited paint fight. Anchored by one of rock’s best drummers (Helmet’s John Stanier), NYC’s […]

19 Oct
Giant inflatables to perk up your day

Two respected forces in the Angeleno art world are getting together for another collaboration, this time to create these Ice Cream Inflatables. Esteemed toy manufacturer The Loyal Subjects have taken one of Buff Monster‘s ubiquitous ice cream designs and made it into a fun, large-scale installation perfect to jazz up your apartment, house or office. […]