5 May
A sort of conga line of new releases & re-issues to ponder

A couple months ago we compiled the Lost In A Supermarket Present State Of Sound, vol 1.: Music Medley 2014 by our girl Hissa. Now she’s back with her second mixtape, compiled and masterfully explained below. To be honest, this fell in the couch crevice of the LIAS office, so it’s not as current as it was […]

30 Jul
Hide a headache-curing — or causing — pill in your cufflinks

Besides looking like ecstasy pills, these cufflinks seem designed for the Austin Powers of a generation just as into pills as they are into acid. Like in a movie made in 2042 with whoever is going to be the Mike Myers of the day playing Skrillex crossed with Katy Perry. Made of nylon plastic injected […]

7 Jun
Store your everlasting list of grow tonics, brews and potions

Parlane has put out these resealable decorative glass bottles that hearken back to the quack doctor apothecary days. Each with a clip-fastened, air-tight ceramic stopper. Now all you need to do is come up with some hair-brained snakeoil formula and let the rubes get in line. Step right up and get your own tonic holder […]

4 May
The insulated 6-pack holding yoga mat carrier

This insulated polyester sack of genius — about the size of a yoga mat carrier — houses exactly five (hopefully cold) beers. And for that sixth missing beer there is what every well seasoned drinker should have: a koozie resting nicely in the shoulder strap. Perfect for that open beer you cracked for the gondola […]

11 Feb
Tom Cecil will get you sauced in style

This hipflask is welded by hand from stainless steel, each flask baring its own design one-of-a-kind serial number letting you know it’s special. No mass-produced, Chinese-made disposable flask for you — these are all individually made by British product and furniture designer Tom Cecil. He’ll even engrave it with your initials should you so request […]

28 Jan
An absolutely vital male necessity carved from genuine cow horn

There are just times in your life that will require you to drink the nectar of the gods from a Viking Drinking Horn. Sorry my son, there just are — I won’t be there to tell you when, there will be no sage elder for you counsel. For on that fair day my lad you […]