Robocop. The remake. Need we say more? Arguably Paul Verhoeven’s best film, and one of the best sci-fi action films of the 80s (the finest decade for the stuff), gets the reboot. It will be tough to live up to the original, but what the fuck can you say about a modernized ED209?! Bring it […]

5 Jun
Relive the sci-fi cult favorite with MMS Diecast Series

It’s time to let the inner sci-fi nerd that lives in your heart free, let him bound down the streets with joy as it sees the release of this incredibly detailed ED-209 figure from the Hong Kong crew over at Hot Toys. Part of Hot Toys’ highly collectible MMS Diecast Series, the ED-209 figure features […]

What happens when a Pagani Zonda Cinque meets a Lamborghini Murcielago police cruiser whilst racing through the Dolemites? Quite simply car porn at its purest. Somewhere in a dark room, the crew from Top Gear is furiously pleasuring themselves…

18 Oct
Russian police officer jumps in stranger's car to save his own life

Is this the kind of shit you have to deal with if you live in Russia? Seriously? Wild packs of feral wolves storming the highway? Didn’t they get enough karmic shit from Chernobyl and Putin, do we really need to add rabid packs of wolves to their daily struggles? I’m not entirely sure if this […]

Man, cops are just gonna love this Graffomat vending machine, offering vandals everything they could ever need 24 hours a day. Have you ever been out bombing some walls at 3 am and run out of gold leaf spary paint? Well now you need to fret no more — the Graffomat is here to save […]

Dammit. As awesome as this Carbon Motors police car is, I always get a little unnerved when cops become better equipped. Maybe it’s cos I have more speeding tickets than Robotech toys, but this can only spell trouble for my license. Unlike the default cop carriage Crown Victoria Interceptors, the E7 is purpose-built for cops, […]