7 Mar
Brown leather shoes with patterned navajo print for S/S 2012

Institutional British luxury brand Burberry Prorsum‘s latest leather shoes exemplify the artisan expertise that the label embodies. The cork soled shoes feature a tumbled brown leather upper, patterned woven inserts and a patterned navajo print toebox. You can find the Woven Top Cork Sole Leather Shoes — fresh for Spring / Summer 2012 — at […]

10 May
Two new Folk shoes from visvim for Spring/Summer 2011

For the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 season visvim is dropping two new shoes in its “Folk” collection. The top shoe is a new black moccasin-style boot made from genuine UK cowhide suede. It features a fold-over cuff around the ankle, turquoise beads and natural cork sole, and is now available in 4 colorways. Next for the […]

A screwdriver that is simultaneously a corkscrew, cordless and electric powered. Because what goes better with heavy drinking than power tools — perfectly natural bed buddies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve knocked back a couple bottles of pinot noir and hankered for a power drill to check off some quick home improvements. […]

11 Mar
Put a cork in it... or two... or actually, three. Put three corks in it.

This new corker makes it clear that industrial designer Sebastian Burke encourages putting away multiple bottles of wine. As you know by now, we support any design that encourages heavy wine consumption. Its design stems from the concept that each new bottle-twist will be tomorrow’s wineglass past, ultimately a cork of nostalgia for other pourings. […]

7 Mar
Life After Corkage re-cycles corks into functional furniture

I’ve got some friends (I’m looking in your direction, Elf) for who this “Life After Corkage” Bar Stool and Ottoman would be a dream come true. Not only are you encouraged to drink wine on them (they are bar stools, after all), but then every cork you dispense with you upcycle, and fill up your […]

Why cram a common cork in your 1990 Altesino Brunello di Montalcino Montosoli when a knight can take queen, and the wine will stay good for days? Plus, it makes you look wicked smart. A set of two chess-piece bottle-stoppers crafted from wood and cork. Checkmate aeration with some class for $20.

16 Feb
Pick up the cork, drop the batteries

Adele Peters’ Corky mouse uses piezoelectric elements to generate energy every time you click or move the mouse around on your desk, which is obviously quite often considering it’s a mouse. Using the same technology that battery-less watches use to harvest kinetic energy, the Corky mouse not only eliminates the need for disposable batteries but […]

I haven’t had the opportunity to hear what these Ceramic Speakers can do, but they’re being touted as something for audiophiles. Not sure if $495 for a pair of computer speakers means that they’re Audiophile material, though? To be fair they do have a 1/8” source so they can be used with most high-end systems, […]