11 Oct
Moleskine suede-lined Folio Digital collection

The finest name in notebooks and journals unveils a sleek way to protect your iPhone, iPad or Kindle, or any other technological gadget compatible in size. These Moleskine covers are clean and easy to carry, with a soft suede lining on the inside to protect the ever-so-fragile screens. Of course since it’s Moleskin, they come […]

19 Aug
Geek-endorsed iPhone and iTouch covers

Don’t you hate it when you take out your iPhone/iTouch/cell phone only to realize that the screen has been scuffed and scratched like a neglected street scamp? I know I do. And I know Coolbeans717 on Etsy hates it too, because Coolbeans717 has created a unique set of nerd-endorsed iPhone/iTouch/cell phone covers that range from […]

9 Jun
Book City Jackets' Artist Series

Remember the days of gathering paper bags from a grocery store and custom building a book jacket for each of your school books at the beginning of each school year. What was the best part about that is all of the potential for doodling the paper bag held as it was wrapped around your Algebra […]

As a fledgling youth in Boston, there were many a day I found solace in the angular guitar chords of Walter Schreifels. As the guitarist for New York hardcore luminaries Gorilla Biscuits and Youth of Today, he added joy to my life in ways unexplained. But it wasn’t till he formed Quicksand in the early […]