British artist Damien Hirst is known to stir controversy, ever since the days of slicing up cows and sticking them in formaldehyde. Then of course came his notorious For the Love of God piece, an ancient human skull embedded with 8,601 diamonds, including a big pink one worth more than $8 million. That skull ended […]

Incase are known for making high quality cases, sleeves, and bags for your most coveted Apple devices. Their latest collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts brings his legendary screen prints straight to your iphone, ipad, and MacBook. Incase’s first series of Warhol cases features his iconic 1966 Banana album cover for The […]

A new pet has hit Hollywood: The Dexter Mini Cow. Fuck a Chihuahua — shit is passé. Yorkshire Terrier? Over it. A pugapoo?! Bitch please! Nah, you wanna be like Paris and Britney? It ain’t 2007 — put down those pooches and pick up a Dexter Mini Cow! Originally from mountainous areas of southern Ireland, […]