Chuck Norris jokes aside, this might be the most inventive writing pad we’ve seen since Moleskine’s suede-lined Folio Digital collection. The black Armed Notebooks from Megawing feature three distinctive designs, each with its own way of transforming symbols of violence into tools of creativity. Featuring a 3-dimensional embossed cover of either a hand grenade, revolver […]

1 Nov
A look behind the curtain of the mid-century modern maestros

Charles and Ray Eames are almost as synonymous with Los Angeles — namely Venice Beach where their studio was located — as Frank Lloyd Wright was to Chicago. They made their indelible mark as monumental designers inextricably linked to the fields of modern architecture and furniture for over a half century. The Eames Office, widely […]

22 Jun
The basic elements of creativity: copy, transform and combine

Just as we noted previously with Part 2, Everything Is a Remix is a 4-part series exploring the pervasive remix/copy/sample techniques involved in every field from film to music to pure industry. In part three, series creator Kirby Ferguson explains how innovation really take place, describing the basic elements of creativity as: copy, transform and […]

3 Feb
Security sealed to keep those Vegenaise-eating, Salem-listening art miscreants from touching your tools

In 1761, German Faber-Castell launched the first branded pencil, and in a sense launched the entire industry of art material manufacturing. By now, Faber-Castell’s high quality pencils are standard issue artillery in every artist’s arsenal. To celebrate the company’s two hundred fiftieth anniversary, Faber-Castell has created a “Birthday Box” set worthy of its heritage. The […]

I so want a Napshell in my office. I don’t see why el jefe wouldn’t let me get a little midday snooze time in? Naps have been proven to increase productivity and alertness (does it still count if you smoke pot at lunch?). Not to mention its positive impact on creativity, problem solving and lowering […]