14 Mar
Also starring Ann Coulter as succubus & Santorum as... insane

Read more Bureaucracy for Breakfast HERE Are you sitting down? OK, great. In this comfy position maybe you can accept this well thought-out thesis without turning into a lamebrain naysayer: Believe it or not, the campy, Vamp’r infested world of True Blood is the perfect place for many of our extreme right wing media whores […]

16 Jul
Living the high life

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…(read vol I,  vol II, vol III, vol IV and vol V) That’s right. I am living large. Like MTV Cribs large. Like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fancy. Like Oprah, if Oprah floated in Malibu pools sipping sangria. And I’ve probably never been so poor. […]

Now that Barack Obama has become president, Al-Qaeda’s gonna need new tools of recruitment. Dean & Deluca have decided to help out by offering the World’s Most Expensive Truffle: the $350 La Madeleine Au Truffle. And that’s not for a box, that’s for ONE PIECE. Hooray, Free World! Fritz Knipschildt, Maitre Chocolatier of Knipschildt Chocolatier, […]