16 Mar
adidas is all in...quite literally

Adidas is leaving nothing to chance with their latest adidas is all in campaign, uniting all of their best talent for a web-melting blog-proof commercial. Directed by the very talented Romain Gavras, while introducing a brand new much-anticipated Justice track (“Civilization”), the 2-minute piece features the strongest members of the adidas family — highlighting Derrick […]

4 Feb
Dubstep/dancehall/bhangra MC drops “Freak You Back” EP

Los Angeles via Brooklyn via Trinidad and Tobago MC Juakali has been lacing flows over bass-influenced tracks since his debut on Pinch’s Underwater Dancehall record in 2007. In that time the globetrotting lyricist has remained innovative across dub, reggae, dubstep, dancehall, bhangra, grime, electronic and experimental genres, always keeping the anchor of bass as the […]

27 Oct
A symbolic link between the font and the artist’s reflections

Meet Vladimir Koncar, a visual artist, new media and graphic designer and art director from Zagreb, Croatia. Actually, I’d like to meet him too. I just came across his page on Behance. Gut tells me he’s a pretty fun guy. Or his completely introverted and lives vicariously through his experimental typography work. They sure are […]