9 Aug
Hand crafted hats woven in Ecuador

New York leather craftsmen Billykirk (makers of the Leather Schoolboy Satchel) offer their Panama Hat Summer Collection. The hat range are all hand-woven in Ecuador, among the finest makers of the classic Panama-style, and includes three different models: the diamond crown (above), the pork pie (below) and the snap brim Panama. The Billykirk Snap Brim […]

Inspired by the venerable acting legend, Persol has introduced the Steve McQueen Special Edition sunglasses. More than 30 years after his death, McQueen is still held in incredibly high regard both for his style and character — no sheen has disappeared from the halo around the King Of Cool. His love of racing and bravado […]

31 Mar
Canadian Whisky goes dark

Sure Crown Royal ain’t the best whisky in the world, but as far as massive distillers go it’s a damn fine option (let’s just say it has a safe place in the LIAS wet bar). To give Terence more boozy options for his personal selection, they’ve just dropped a new 90-proof spirit that boasts notes […]