10 Aug
Get your 007 dapper on in Jacquard woven silk

If you’re in the market to get your James Bond or Hugh Hefner swag on (aren’t we all?), the new silk smoking jacket from Sydney’s esteemed gentleman’s brand Le Noeud Papillon are your perfect fit, literally. We’ve been fans of Le Noeud Papillon for awhile now, ever since seeing their Jacquard Woven Silk Bow Ties, and […]

15 Mar
Celebrate the spirit of revolution

I think the most triumphant victory that ever ensconced itself into the very fibers of the American flag waver was the economic embargo in place against Cuba since 1962. Not only did my U.S. government make Cuban cigars illegal in my country, it also made the Communist leaf taste that much sweeter. Celebrate the spirit […]