If you’re looking to enjoy your Christmas countdown the way you best know how, except this time you’d like to avoid the drive down to a questionable cantina in Tijuana for your traditional tequila shots, then the Masters of Malt have got the perfect advent calendar for you — the Drinks of the Dram 2014 Tequila Advent Calendar. […]

4 Nov
Shark Cages, Guided Meditation, Chilean Miners and Me

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…(read vol I,  vol II, vol III, vol IV, vol V,  vol VI, vol VII, vol. VIII vol IX and vol X) Let me start by stating the obvious: Bureaucracy can suck it. I mean, back in March when I was first laid off the mighty EDD and powers that be told me (via […]

24 Nov
Cuervo's high end line not just for lowering the standards of coeds any more

Let’s be honest, every man in America knows exactly what José Cuervo is for — lowering the standards of sorority girls everywhere. But with its Patron and Don Julio-targeting Reserva de la Familia line, Cuervo is putting an entirely new demographic in its crosshairs. First introduced in 1995 to celebrate José Cuervo’s 200 year anniversary, […]