11 Jul
Flip your old W.A.S.P., Slayer & Maiden shirts into art

Ben Venom looks like a guy that doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit. I’m even pretty sure that if you told him he was doing “women’s work” he’d likely sock you in the face. Then when you stopped blubbering like an infant he’d sit you down and calmly teach you how to do the exact thing you […]

10 May
Quite possibly the World's Greatest Sun Lounger

Sure it may not be the most comfortable lounger you’ll ever stretch your bones out on, but Mike Bouchet’s Shopping Cart Sun Lounger just might be the ultimate LIAS HQ gear. The Sun Lounger does come with weatherproof polyester foam cushions and is built with a slight spring for comfort, so maybe it would make […]

14 Apr
James Jarvis vinyl toy gets transformed into pillow form

James Jarvis’ classic soft vinyl toy now gets transformed… into pillow form. King Ken, the noble creation of Amos, likes rambling and wrestling, which is good for you cos this King Ken head is a 40cm x 35cm cushion. Only 400 will be made under license of Säck und Nolde. Go apesh*t for under $50.