26 Jun
Utterly modern Dutch bicycles with antique genealogy

Holland’s Moosach Bikes is pimping out vintage frames for the creation of a brand that fuses retro, recycling and modern bike technology. At a rate of only twelve bikes per year, Moosach is like reproduction for bicycles: each bike has its own genealogy, that of a refurbished road-style bike frame from the 70s, 80s or 90s reanimated with […]

23 Jun
Buyer beware of people staring at your fanny constantly

Bike seat as art? Well, Wisconsin-based Kara Ginther seems to be making it that way. With her custom made, hand engraved, and hand painted saddles, she seems to be elevating the hobby of bicycles to a whole new level. Thus far she’s only worked with Brooks saddles because of the quality of leather her work […]