11 Feb
A virtual tour of the Aussie workshop in Canggu, Bali

Last summer we mentioned Deus ex Machina opening up a motorcycle and surf shop in Bali, and today they’ve release their first video taking you through a tour of the facility. And goddamn does it make me jealous. The extensive compound is a flaneur’s dream, a veritable workshop for ways to exercise all sorts  of […]

6 Dec
Deus Ex Machina's ode to cheap bike making

Australian custom motorcycle builders Deus Ex Machina created this video of the Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off event they put on the 27th of November at the Deus compound in Camperdown. As they write: “Ladies and genitals, dust off your Whitworths and recalibrate your King Dongs in readiness. It’s time to close your eyes and […]

6 Aug
The founder of the ZERO style opens his workshop doors

I’ve been an appreciator of Shinya Kimura’s vehicular creations for a little while now, introduced to his “ZERO” style a couple years back by some friends. Shinya’s style is either love it or hate it — I know, because I’ve felt both ways. At first I couldn’t acclimate myself to the raw, hammered look of […]