Ibberson — one of Sheffield, England’s oldest cutlery firms — brings you these steel blades in either a two-blade option or a three-blade option because, well, sometimes one blade just isn’t enough. One of the blades is an old school can opener and the other is something else that is, well, sharp. Another is something […]

1 Feb
When life demands you eat like a well-heeled hobo

If you’re ever out camping, eating a can of beans on a long road trip, or suddenly stumble upon a plate of linguine and mussels, then a Hobo Knife made out of genuine Amber Bone could be just the dig-in gadget for you. Because sometimes life demands you eat like a hobo — like a […]

15 Jun
Power Up the old fashioned way

We love our geek-inspired products, and this PacMan end-grain cutting board certainly fits in that category. Made of walnut, hard-maple, and cherry put together with FDA approved, water-proof glue, and treated with a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax., this PacMan cutting board is just what you need to jazz up your daily vegetable chopping. […]