24 Jun
Add some meaning to your otherwise empty existence

This Tie Fighter Replica Helmet is just what you need to give a drop of meaning to your otherwise empty existence. Think about it: you’ve got that big presentation due in one hour, and you haven’t written a word of it. Anderson from the Ithaca office is on your back, saying your Powerpoint better kick […]

For its fourth (and final) edition, the annual Vader Project commissions world class artists to re-imagine a lifesize replica of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet. This year the customizations were unreal, provided by superlative artists like Jeff Soto, Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter, Peter Kuper, Jermaine Rogers, BXH, The Pizz, Dalek, Paul Frank, Ron English, Michelle Valigura, […]

12 Apr
Eddie Izzard's revisionist Star Wars saga

Jeff Vader…hmmmm, could this be the inspiration for the epic Chad Vader? No one will ever know, I suppose. Well, except for the guys that created Chad Vader but I’m getting off point. All I know is I love Eddie Izzard, back since the days when he used to wear make-up to stand out among […]