One of the Madman’s Very Unofficial Top Ten Films Of All Time, without a doubt, is Fight Club. Based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk and brilliantly manifested for the screen by David Fincher, Fight Club was the type of film that defied categorization, somehow addressing and articulating the inexplicable, inchoate anxiety and bullshit and disenchantment of the Modern American […]

17 Mar
VBS.TV and Agnes B present "Umshini Wam" short film

The paring of South African zefs Die Antwoord with fringe indie director Harmony Korine seems like a no brainer. The white trash obsessed director must’ve first seen Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er and had his heart explode. Now they’ve worked together on this 15-minute short, following the exploits of two daydreaming, wheelchair-bound, gun toting costumed gangsters […]

29 Jul
Eric Powell's cult comic makes the leap to the silver screen

It’s too early to call quality on this one, but seeing as The Goon is produced by David Fincher odds are stacked in its favor. Not only is the animation pretty remarkable, but its also very loyal visually to the original material. Based on Eric Powell’s 1999 cult comic from Dark Horse, The Goon follows […]

2 Apr
David Fincher producing the movie of my fanboy dreams

In what is easily my happiest moment of fanboy geekdom since discovering that Space Battleship Yamato (aka Starblazers) movie, it was leaked this week that David Fincher is in the works to make a real to life Gaiking movie. As if that wasn’t enough, the film is being used as a launching pad to start […]

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is David Fincher’s best work since Fight Club, and in the Madman’s opinion superior to the season’s other much-hyped contender Slumdog Millionaire. Watching it is a true cinematic experience, a sprawling adventure that hits all the cues you’re hoping from an epic while dodging the hackneyed red flags of […]