1 Jun
Because scrap books are for losers

So, you’ve just had a baby. Immortalize your future school shooter or pole dancer with the Otete & Anyo Baby Hand & Foot Stamp. For just $101, send in a print of your baby’s appendages and receive a customized stamp pad set. It’s cheaper than posting bail.

28 May
The sexiest instructional video on the Internets

Probably the most sexy thing I’ve seen on the Web since oiled midget mud wrestling is this Super Sexy CPR instructional video. To think that a lingerie company cares enough about first aid to create an instructional video — now that’s a great way to fulfill your civic responsibilities and give me musing material all […]

21 May
Number 7 in the series may only offer a temporary fix, but not a solution to the CoD addiction...

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops just on the horizon, Activision unleashes its second teaser trailer for the game. This reel opens with a jet fighter air strike and a standard, disgruntled voiceover. “A lie is a lie. Just because they write it down and call it history, doesn’t make it the […]

21 May
LIAS goes undercover to help save the world from a robot takeover

A while back, I wrote about Google and Android’s sinister robot plot to take over the world. Well, at its 2010 conference, Google I/O, announcements were made to do just that. I warned you, now take shelter. LIAS went to Google I/O on a reconnaissance mission and here’s what we found: Google TV If successful, […]

30 Apr
The OPC delivers high quality sound from a PC

Firsts are much appreciated here at the Supermarket, but none more than the OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker. It’s a PC with decent specs, it’s an amplifier that will piss off your neighbor, it’s the first of its kind. Plug in an array of instruments and even your iPod to be dealt a thunderstruck blow to […]

30 Apr
Yet another device for Japanese payback

Maybe it’s payback for the two nukes we dropped on them in doublya-doublya-two, but Japan has really put the sword to the shogun on this one. The Kaoiro Japanese Emoticon Stamp looks harmless enough at first glance, but actually contains thousands of punctuation characters that can be used to stamp some 2000 different emoticons. I […]

29 Apr
Take a load off, pull up a...strap

A design borrowed from the Ayoreo Indians of Northern Paraguay, Chairless allows you sit…well…chairless. It’s essentially a belt that sits down on your knees and around your back, giving you support while sitting *ahem* Indian style. Portions of the money made from Chairless sales will go to the Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities.

20 Apr
Don't trust the robots, they seek world domination

Armed with an Android phone and an olive branch in one hand and a teeny ray gun in the other, these little robots are bent on world domination. They’ve already lulled our friends over at Google into a false sense of grandeur, poor bastards. And what’s worse, the robots have tricked artist and toy designer […]