15 Nov
17-minutes of drum & bass & hip-hop-rinsed Shadow

British producer and remixer Irn Mnky earned DJ Shadow’s attention 3 years ago when he won a remix contest held by Shadow himself. Soon Shadow was playing Irn Mnky’s remix of “Walkie Talkie” on a regular basis, and a mutual relationship was born. Now to celebrate the release of DJ Shadow’s limited edition box set Reconstructed: […]

19 May
Def Jux finally gets some MTV love

New York City’s Cage, who has flirted with chart success with Smut Peddlers and Weathermen, has probly left his days of ruling the Def Jux underground behind him. Ironic, cos this is by far not the best stuff he’s come out with (Movies for the Blind was pretty great). Still, “I Never Knew You” marks […]