Something so simple can bring so much pleasure to an artist…or in this case, even an Accounts Receivables cubicle monkey with odd packaging needs. The Or-Ita is a new tool created by Makoto Orisaki ,a Japanese “inter design artist”. But what does this Or-Ita tool do? Well it simply perforates cardboard. And what’s the point? Because […]

4 Nov
Adrian Johnson's ingenious upcycled furniture

Here one man’s trash is truly another mans treasure. After trying to come up with a creative way to find seating for a close friend’s wedding, Adrian Johnson merged two found treasures into one luxurious couch. Roaming the dump for something to inspire him, Johnson came across a a vintage BMW two-door coupe which happened […]

4 Nov
Fine handcrafted shoes from eco-friendly leather

A unique style of footwear on par with Native American stylizations, the Italian company Lazy Point is even named after a particular seam used by American Indians on their woven loafers. Designed by Michele Secchiari in collaboration with a team of Japanese designers, these fine shoes are handcrafted from eco-friendly leather, with rubber soles that […]

A master of architectural writings has compiled a book on a master of architecture. Author Jodidio Philip brings the architectural world a compilation on the design works of the innovative and highly renowned Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. The aptly titled Shigeru Ban Complete Works: 1985-2010 coffee table book compiles every architectural creation ever completed by […]

15 Apr
An absolute essential for Design aficionados

Phaidon is among the premier art book publishing houses, especially in the realm of design, so you know this App has got to kick some serious ass. The Phaidon Design Classics for iPad is a comprehensive Design encylopedia now available for $20 at the App Store for a limited time only. As they describe, “This […]