Happy belated Jamaican independence day everyone! Yesterday, August 6th, was the official day. I hope you all drank cases of Red Stripe, watch incessant re-runs of Usain Bolt highlights on ESPN and smoked a crate full of spliffs. Seriously shame on you if you’re not. For anyone who has never waded in the soulful waters […]

8 Jun
Seminal dub & reggae label celebrates legacy of British shoe

Trojan Records and Clarks mark the 40th anniversary of the Desert Trek by imprinting the classic British hides with the Trojan Records logo — celebrating the indelible link between England and Jamaica. Founded by Lee Gopthal in 1968 to channel the music of Duke Reid to hungry English youth, Trojan Records fed ska, reggae, dub, and […]

NOTE: Albert Lord is the CEO of Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is a privately owned American student loan company. If that company were a person, it wouldn’t be like Sally Struthers or even like the mamma of Forrest Gump, Sally Field. It would be more like Kim Jong-il or Dick Cheney. Dear Mr. Lord (or […]

27 May
Desmond's catchphrase in tshirt homage format

These LOST-inspired tshirts from BBlessing have been around for a minute, but since the finale was Sunday and I’m still thinking about it made me want to put these up. I can’t really decide how I felt about the ending — I knew it would be a bit esoteric to allow room for interpretation and […]

29 Jan
Which will be better — the shirts or the final season?

I admit I used to be a Lost maniac, but mostly for the first 3 seasons then I got progressively less interested, and I think I only saw a couple last season. Well now that this is the final season, I’m thinking about powering up the old Season Manager on my Tivo and get excited […]

20 Nov
Orris root, almond and licorice in your gin and tonic?

Have you seen this new Beefeater 24 gin? It made its American debut this summer, but I was only able to taste it this week and it was delicious. Created by Beefeater’s Master Distiller Desmond Payne, the gin is handcrafted with 12 botanicals including Japanese Sencha Tea, Chinese Green tea, juniper, coriander, orange peel and […]