As we posted last week, Lost In a Supermarket was invited by Lexus to the unveiling of the latest generation of their flagship luxury sedan, the LS. But Lexus didn’t just want to invite a bunch of jaded, weary and bloated auto journos to Napa to take their gem out for a few laps around […]

26 Apr
Aeronautical engineering for your wrist

It shouldn’t really surprise that Scott Devon is the man behind the hyper-engineered and aesthetically warp speed Devon Tread 1 Watch, as he’s also the man behind the crazed American supercar the Devon GTX. The man obviously has a fetish for the ultra-engineered. So it makes sense that his Tread 1 watch is more California […]

UPDATE: You Say Party! We Say Die!’s album XXXX dropped this week, available from iTunes or Amazon, so we’re re-posting their To Whom  It May Concern Q&A. There’s also a video for “Dark Days” and a new remix for “Laura Palmer’s Prom” below, as well as expanded tour dates coming up in March, so why […]