Dewar’s already knows what a real Father’s Day for a drinking man is all about. They have done Father’s Day before, if you recall. This year, instead of just making your dad some pancakes or buying him a tie (unless it’s a Le Noeud Papillon “La Belle Dame” Bow Tie, naturally) set up your Distinguished […]

10 Jun
The best of the drinking man's whisky

Dewar’s has earned over 400 awards for their quality scotch, and pride themselves as master blenders with a 160 years of history. And Dewar’s Signature is their premium product, blended from the best and rarest whiskies from each of Scotland’s famed distilling regions, and then double barrel aged to perfection, resulting in a complex, rich and honey taste. […]

17 Jun
Drop the tie, get him something he'll actually enjoy

If I were a dad, I’d give my kid a 20 minute Time Out if he had the audacity to get me some shitty tie for Father’s Day. I mean, a tie? Kid, get an imagination. If you’re gonna get something cliched for your old man, make it something he’ll actually enjoy. Case in point: […]