LOOK/SEE continues to make noise by creating their first ever collaboration with arguably Showtime’s best show, Dexter. The DEXTER x LOOK/SEE shades were released alongside the Dexter Season 6 DVD & Blu-Ray Collection, and of course feature a blood-spattered frame in light of Dexter Morgan’s murderous ways and occupation as the Blood Splatter Analyst for the […]

1 Dec
Delving into the secretive and violent lives of seemingly ordinary people...

You know how you think you know someone and then they go off and do something totally unexpected? Well that’s what’s happening right now. I worked with Bernie Su at the magazine I edited awhile back, he was our in-house technical guru / new media manager. I knew he was up to some stuff on […]

A new pet has hit Hollywood: The Dexter Mini Cow. Fuck a Chihuahua — shit is passé. Yorkshire Terrier? Over it. A pugapoo?! Bitch please! Nah, you wanna be like Paris and Britney? It ain’t 2007 — put down those pooches and pick up a Dexter Mini Cow! Originally from mountainous areas of southern Ireland, […]