You might remember The Elf from a little column she wrote here at Lost In a Supermarket called Bureaucracy for Breakfast, where she unloaded on the wolrd the various trials and tribulations of being an unemployed woman in the nadir of an economic recession. It made us laugh, a lot of people responded, and she’s […]

4 Jun
An Ode to Floyd with the Honey Bear Bong

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…(read vol I and vol II) My laptop is in sad shape. The screen suddenly only works if it’s propped at a 45-degree angle or less. Actually now it’s creeping down to a 35-degree angle. This presents a problem because: A. I can’t afford the $250 and […]

27 May
The things we do for…rent money

The continuing saga of one girl’s plight with unemployment…read vol I here… I’ve had some silly jobs. I mean, I’ve never stood on the side of a busy street wearing a hot-dog costume, dancing around and waving a sign like a maniac just to try and lure people into a fast-food joint. Not yet, anyway. […]

9 Dec
Peter Jackson returns to his narrative roots

It’s nice to see Peter Jackson going back to his roots, in a way, and directing a film that’s closer to Heavenly Creatures than to his recent big budget extravaganzas (awesome as they are — except King Kong, let’s just sweep that one under the rug shall we?). The Lovely Bones, like Heavenly Creatures, is […]