21 Feb
Dutch artist Frodo Mikkelsen's silver plated odes to mortality

The contemplation of one’s mortality can come in many mediums. Dramatic pessimists prefer poetry, intellectuals may wax eloquent in novel form, Norwegians form death metal bands and murder their rivals, while fashion types seem to prefer putting skulls on everything. Meanwhile, artist Frodo Mikkelsen has decided to sculpt pretty detailed landscapes onto the decayed heads of […]

8 Dec
Lost In a Supermarket breaks down our best ART of 2011

It’s about that time that we begin looking back at the year that was at LOST IN A SUPERMARKET. A whole year means a lot of amazingly awesome and amazingly bad crap we’ve found floating around this Great Existential Supermarket we all live in, so it’s time to get things going. We’re gonna kick off […]

14 Jan
Lori Nix's The City snapshots

Lori Nix takes photography to new heights… or is that its most intricate depths? Her photography isn’t that of majestic landscapes and windswept natural wonders, but rather captures whole  narratives she constructs through miniature dioramas. Her most recent work, The City, is a series where she constructs a world that has long since self-destructed, only […]

12 Jan
Tatebanko Paper Diorama Kits

Tatebanko is a celebrated 17th century art form creating dioramas and scenic perspectives from fine Japanese art. What made this art form so special was its intimacy and uniqueness, combining depth and color. The beauty of Tatebanko, therefore, is in the hand craftsmanship and attention to detail. On the other hand, you know that tacky […]