Who’d have ever thunk the “How’d you like them apples?” guy would evolve into one of Hollywood’s best action heroes. Certainly not us. But Matt Damon has become consistently bad ass over the years, and he’s usually spot on in selecting his film roles. We were huge fans of director Neill Blomkamp and his last film District 9 […]

18 Feb
Director takes the TED stage to explain his world view

We were big supporters of Neill Blomkamp’s directorial debut District 9, but lacking the sort of intellectual gravitas of most of TED‘s lecturers I wondered if he was out of his league at the Vancouver conference. Asked whether he believed aliens would really look like the creatures he imagined in District 9, Blomkamp used the […]

22 Dec
How a Uruguayan filmmaker turned $300 into $30,000,000

So the story with this video, Ataque de Pánico!, is that Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez made it for like $300 and posted it up on Youtube, and within a week he was fielding multimillion dollar deals with major studios looking to sign him. And apparently he signed a $30 million offer from Sam Raimi — […]

21 Aug
The next sci-fi champion?

Have you seen this movie? If not, buy your ticket today little nerdling. Other than the posters I had zero idea what this film was about, and that’s exactly the way to see it. Best movie of the summer…why couldn’t someone give this guy Transformers??? Peter Jackson has absolutely struck gold with South African director […]