25 Jun
Beantown's house maestros Soul Clap take us through their hood

If you’ve been to any house club in the past couple years worth a damn then chances are you’ve boogied down to Soul Clap. Elyte (Eli Goldstein) and Cnyce (Charles Levine) first came together under the tutelage of seminal Boston Jedi DJ Caril Mitro of the late Vinyl Connection records (RIP), who taught his young […]

2 Jun
Darkcloud Silver DJ Jewelry

Darkcloud Silver presents to DJs, urban culturists, and music lovers alike the perfect hardware to show the world what you’re passionate about. The limited edition line of jewelry is designed by the Sydney based artist Nathan Thomas. Each piece is unique and made from genuine silver, so the price tag is not without reason. I’m […]

1 Dec
An event bringing together one hundred artists… all selling works for under $100

The folks at the Catalyst Artist Collective have a great show / holiday shopping opportunity coming up on December 19. Just as the title suggests, their gallery / loft space is going to be rammed with the works of 100 artists all hocking their goods for under $100. How sweet is that. I’d so rather […]

The best party breaks DJs on the planet, Stanton Warriors, are about to deliver the world another glorious mix on Fabric Records, Sessions III. Prepare thyselves, it is ill — they even drop the Pilooski re-edit of “Beggin’” in the mix, which we posted here in August. Beautiful stuff. Sessions III comes out on October […]

Using eight turntables, 4 mixers, two guitar loop pedals and only original 45 rpm 7″ singles, The Hard Sell is a live mix exploring the history of music — guided by DJs extraordinaire DJ Shadow and Jurassic 5’s Cut Chemist. The tour has been a smash, and the last dates of the tour have been […]