29 Mar
Don Draper, Kurt Cobain and Damien Hirst sell Nikes

New York graffiti artist Katsu has been bombing NYC with a series of Fake Ads, subverting Nike and MoMa adverts with the likenesses of everyone from Bill Murry, Morrissey and Jay-Z to Steve Jobs, Chief Wiggum and Damien Hirst. He’s also producing a limited run of signed and framed prints available for purchase at Katsu […]

23 Jul
The burlesque legend heats up for, then cools off with, Perrier

Kudos to Perrier for having the marketing balls to execute their latest campaign, titled Perrier Mansion with Dita Von Teese. I mean it doesn’t take Don Draper to realize pairing your product with someone as smoldering as von Teese is a surefire win, but the manner in which Perrier taps into her sensuality to promote […]

The golden age of the dapper man is back — messenger bags be damned. This briefcase by Globetrotter for Future Collectibles takes the traditional hard leather attaché and adds a small dose of silver detailing. It includes a detachable leather strap as well, in case you don’t want to go old school all day or […]

20 Oct
Now all you need to do is bang your kid's school teacher

In the Could’ve Seen This Coming From a Mile Away category, Brooks Brothers got the nod to release the official Mad Men suit, and it’s about time. Everyone from Banana Republic to Lids to Hot Dog On a Stick has been dressing their window displays with Mad Men-like suits, so it’s about time someone did […]

Ok, this isn’t hilarious, and the voices don’t sound anything like actual Mad Men characters, but the mere idea that Sesame Street would be sophisticated and clever enough to do a Mad Men parody is well worth posting. I wonder how many moms today were asked, “Mommy, what’s a sycophant?” and just stared at their […]

5 Oct
Pete Campbell from Mad Men discusses the genius of Mitch Hedberg, the biology of monogamy, life with Jon Hamm and why he takes the bus everywhere in LA…

This is PART TWO of Lost In A Supermarket’s interview with Vincent Kartheiser of AMC’s Mad Men (click HERE to read PART ONE). Unlike PART ONE of the interview, which was pretty heavy on the Mad Men geekness, this one’s a much more personal look at Kartheiser himself. Hit the Jump to read him discuss […]

1 Oct
Pete Campbell from Mad Men talks about the absurdity of morality, the death of the American Dream, and being part of the Best Show on TV...

You recognize Vincent Kartheiser as Peter Campbell, the utterly obsequious and calculating account executive at Sterling Cooper. You know, that fictional Madison Avenue advertising agency on the much talked about AMC series Mad Men. I didn’t say “much hyped” because hype requires that the product or vehicle receiving the accolades does not deserve them, which […]