30 Jan
George R. R. Martin's HBO series returns April 1st, 2012

Oh boy, can’t say we’re not salivating for the epic Game Of Thrones to return — one of the pillars of our Holy Television Triumverate along with Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Sure there are some other pretty great shows on, but those three really stand head and shoulders above all else on the LCD/LED/plasma […]

4 Apr
You can never have too much Frazetta in your life

If you have any question about what Frank Frazetta meant to us over here, read Mr. Mundt’s eulogy to what we all believe was the greatest fantasy artist of all time. Dismissed by some as a comic and pulp book cover artist for most of his career, the man was truly a legend — screw […]

27 Jul
The director of 300 and Watchmen goes for the celluloid hat trick

Saw the trailer to Sucker Punch at Comic Con this past week and boy does it look like a doozy. Not only have you got Madman’s Holy Movie Trinity involved (samurais, dragons, machine gun-toting females), but it’s actually directed by very capable hands. I am a legitimate fan of Zack Snyder’s, who I had hoped […]

10 May
The greatest fantasy illustrator of all time finally meets his Death Dealer

It’s a sad day here at the secret headquarters of LIAS, as we just found out about the passing of Frank Frazetta, unarguably the greatest fantasy illustrator of all time. He inspired legions of fans and imitators alike, but his style could never be duplicated —there certainly were more precise artists, guys who could almost […]

Axe-wielding Vikings, Aliens with laser canons, Fire-breathing Dragons…by all accounts, this movie is all the 13-year old boy in me could ever want (trust me, he’s not that hard to find). Of course, it all still go down cheesier and more repulsive than Doritos dust, but the trailer looks promising. I like Jim Caviezel, and […]