17 Jul
Draw Down publishes photographer's first book of street culture

Skateboarder, photographer and writer Issac McKay-Randozzi has comprised his first book of analog skateboarding photographs titled Luck, published by Draw Down Books. Luck encompasses some of the more subtle nuances of skateboarding and street culture, featuring photographs of of quiet moments with artist Michael Leon and top 1980’s skateboard legend/Bones Brigade competitor Tommy Guerrero. Each black […]

16 Feb
Cheeming Boey transforms the disposable into the priceless

Cheeming Boey has taken one of the most disposable, valueless byproducts of Western society and transformed it with substance and value. Boey performs his alchemy on these toss-away with beautiful, at times incredibly intricate pieces of art. Using only a Sharpie and sheer creativity, Boey’s unique choice of canvas has earned him the title of […]

10 Nov
Black and white charcoal illustrations from Berlin

The content in these drawings are a complex entanglement of symbols — but the way they are rendered gives it a simple and peaceful aesthetic. As good as the color work is, the simple black and white charcoal drawings of cute animals and stylized humans are exceptional. Check out more of Berlin-based artist Corentin Grossmann’s […]