17 Feb
Scorsese's masterpiece, as interpreted by strippers, porn stars and Amanda Le Pore

Taxi Driver, infamous in its time for its brutal violence and copious bloodshed, gets the very unexpected David LaChappelle treatment in this photoshoot from defunct magazine Deliciae Vitae. The high end erotic fashion publication’s contributors over the years included premier couture photographers such as David Bailey, Vincent Peters, Max Vadukul, Enrique Badulescu, Rankin, Harri Peccinotti […]

16 Jun
Unique watch from Bonhams set for charity auction in December

UK auctioneers Bonhams presents their unique red Silverstone Calibre 11 Chronograph, designed as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of TAG Heuer. It is set to be auctioned for charity on Wednesday 15th December, and is estimated to fetch between $9,000 to $12,000. The special edition chronograph is based on the newly launched Heuer Silverstone […]