3 Apr
A self-directed David Lynchian fever dream... what else?

There really is no better adjective to describe David Lynch‘s new self-directed video than “David Lynchian”. Just press play on the 7-minute opus and you’ll see “Crazy Clown Time” has all the deranged fever dream aesthetics of a severe Mulholland Drive nightmare, or a Special Agent Dale Cooper prophecy dream. Minus the Log Lady. It’s […]

6 Jul
HDTV, wet bar, 24-hour designated driver...? What's there not to like?!

I’m one of those guys that doesn’t even like to drive automatic, so you’d think that the idea of a driverless car would send me running to the hills, shrieking like Heidi Montag in a Costa Rican jungle. Not necessarily true — industrial design team Mike + Maaike have come up with the Autonomobile (ATNMBL), […]