1 Feb
56 tracks and 73 minutes of Drum & Bass and Dubstep Destruction

It’s been a minute since drum & bass ruled the electronic landscape with a mighty bass fist, and American DJ/producer Dieselboy was Lord Supreme of the American shores. But the once and future king of Pittsburgh dancefloor mayhem (do he and Girl Talk share Superbowl nacho recipes?) still lights it up, and he’s just delivered […]

This is one of those examples of when a music video perfectly illustrates the vibe of a song. Not much to explain here — Noisia & Mayhem’s drum & bass anthem over an anime video of an alien ship wrecking shop of Earth. There is very little to not like about the previous sentence…

9 Feb
From The Pixies to Modern English to low end dubstep

If you ever sit back perusing this site and wonder to yourself, “Self, I wonder what kind of music this bizarre Mr. Mundt enjoys on his downtime?” Well if I were there next to you I’d pull over an ottoman, smile knowingly, and in a comforting voice I would begin to tell you a story. […]

Whether it’s his Bingo Beats mixes or prolific D&B, breakstep and 2-step productions, DJ Zinc has always remained at the top of his game. Here he is teaming up with staple muse Ms. Dynamite on the newly released “While Out”, and I gotta say I’m really feeling it. I’ve never gotten bored with this sound […]

18 Dec
LA's legendary club night shuts down after 11 awesome years

In the late 90s and early 2000s, there simply was no better club night in Los Angeles than Firecracker. There were many things that made it magical, and I have so many good memories from there I cannot even begin to list them. Not only was it the early stomping grounds for many seminal LA […]

Download Title Here’s an exclusive Celldweller remix of Pendulum’s “Propane Nightmares” track—the second single to be taken from the album, In Silico, via Ear Storm/Atlantic Records. Their first album, Hold Your Colour, was one of the best Drum & Bass albums of 2005 (“Slam” was ridiculous), but I’m not feeling this album as much — […]