In the last 2 weeks we’ve been in four different timezones, heading off last week for a super secret mission to the Arctic Circle (no joke, story coming soon), two days in Germany, back to HQ at the secret Meadows complex under the Venice Pier, and now in New York for the auto show and […]

2 Aug
LIAS checks into the most expensive hotel in the world

In 1993 William Gibson wrote an infamous critique on Singapore in Wired, entitled “Disneyland With the Death Penalty“. 18 years later, chewing gum is still banned, and his portrayal of a sanitized, technocratic, insipidly consumerist culture still has some truth to it. So what would he make of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel? Whether arriving […]

You know those advent calenders your parents would give you around Christmas time — if you’re Christian, that is? The cardboard paper ones with hidden boxes that you’d open, and there’d by like a chocolate in there or a decoder ring or some other cereal-box-level prize? Well Porsche just designed one, only this one costs […]

Clocking in at a cool $217 million, the Dubai Fountain is the most expensive fountain ever built. Built by WET Design, the same company that designed the Bellagio’s fountains in Las Vegas, the fountain is set in Burj Dubai Lake in the uber-expensive Downtown Burj Dubai development project — you know, where they’re building the […]

Telstar Logistics flew on the new Emirates A380 aircraft, which will fly from JFK to Dubai. The thing is insane. It will transport 489 people: 399 Economy seats on the lower deck, and 76 Business Class and 14 First Class “suites” on the upper deck. The First Class “suites” are little pods, complete with burlwood […]