16 May
Dzmitry Samal’s swooping fender furniture

For anyone that wants to make a real impression in their humble abode, the Oxoye chair does the job aptly. Parisian-based Belarusian designer Dzmitry Samal lifted subtle cues from retro car lines — most notably their swooping fenders — when designing this armchair reminiscent of the streamlined automobiles from the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s. Constructed […]

21 May
Dzmitry Samal's retro future eyewear

The pixel design trend has come up with some great halloween costumes, but could it be moving towards the mainstream? I doubt it, to be honest, but Parisian designer Dzmitry Samal may think differently. His 6 dpi Eyewear collection has a strangely retro future look, embracing technology long gone but yet looking like something teleported […]