9 Jul
The Boxsal 100% compostable cardboard picnic box

You know how sometimes your girl’s all mad at you cos you never come up with any interesting girly stuff to do with her? Take this to the bank: girls love picnics. Sure, you could eat at home in the comfort of your own table and/or couch, or around the bar of your favorite sushi […]

22 Jun
The Orange Power Wellies thermoelectric charging power

Eco-friendly company Gotwind has teamed up with UK-based company Orange to create an energy efficient way of charging your phone: Power Wellies. Think of it as a rain boot with an electrical outlet, except instead of actually being powered up by an outlet, your phone is charged by converting the temperature of your feet — […]

25 Mar
Go green with TK Garment Supply's military tent jacket

TK Garment Supply, a Japanese clothing line established in 2005, specializes in using vintage clothing and fabrics to create completely new looks while retaining the nostalgia of the original pieces. This military jacket from TK is composed of vintage tent canvas, which makes for an interesting color-blocked look in different shades of green. Whether you’ll […]

16 Mar
Deckstool puts all that shredding to good use

Inspired by the accumulation of endless piles of broken skateboard decks, the founder of Deckstool decided to make good use of them. Using trucks and broken boards, these stools are made from retired skateboards and can be used as seats or side tables. And by utilizing the more bruised and battered decks, the stools have […]

8 Mar
Very cool. Very comfortable?

Shiner, a company created by Joe Manus and named after a black eye, has taken a perfectly good birch plywood chair and sliced all the way through it. Manus’ eco-friendly company is named after fist fight staple because he believes that shiner’s are “tough, dark, and proudly damaged’ and he wants his furniture to reflect […]

8 Mar
A space-conscious design for an ever-growing population

The Vulcan Stove, otherwise referred to as “Hell’s Machine” by it’s designer, is intelligent design working at it’s finest. Arthur Senant, the man responsible for this concept, has created a machine that can be used to cook, store items, save space, and keep you warm all throughout the wintertime. The Vulcan Stove is equipped with […]

5 Mar
Bamboo for your books

This bookshelf by  fashion4home is made from 100% bamboo, hence the name, and is unique enough to add a positive aesthetic to any room, but still completely practical. Standing at 71″ wide, 47″ tall, and  15″ deep, the shelf is certified sustainable because of it’s utilization of the super fast growing, and ultra strong, bamboo […]

5 Mar
A tiny cube that packs so much power

We here at LIAS get excited about all sorts of interesting designs, even when it’s something as minuscule as a 2″ x 2″ air freshener. And don’t let the unsuspecting size and simplicity of this air freshener fool you, it’s actually got some real technical punch. The Chikuno Cube is made from a combination of […]