13 May
Europe’s flagship W opens in London, but can the transatlantic cool of the brand be translated?

The second edition of our Checking In series, Lost In A Supermarket’s quest to cover all things we hold most dear (see our review of the gleaming new Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong). In this review we jump continents from Hong Kong’s Ritz — now the highest hotel in the world — to the W Hotel […]

4 May
From the 1968 Scandinavian Furniture Fair to today

Originally created by Henrik Thor-Larsen’s in 1968, the OVALIA Egg Chair is one of the more iconic pieces of furniture from the modern era. The Danish Industrial designer and inventor crafted the future-retro chair’s shiny white shell out of glass fibre-reinforced polyester, and then lined the inside of the chair with vividly colored wool and […]

12 Nov
Tatto tatos' sphere-shaped sitting eggs

So you want to sit down on an egg-shaped seat that looks like a horse skull, do you? Well you’re not alone. Artist Denis Santachiara — a highly talented designer who’s had his work featured in museums such as the Louvre and MOMA — designed the unique shape of these seats and then partnered with […]

29 Mar
The Egg House: it's what's for living

The Belgium-based architectural firm dmvA have developed the concept of the ‘egg house’. It’s a portable pod that can be placed where you choose and be used as a studio workspace, guest house, or maybe just as a quiet place for relaxation. The ‘Egg’ is even equipped with a shower and a place for you […]