If any album deserves a re-issue, it’s Massive Attack‘s 1991 masterpiece Blue Lines. The Bristol collective have spent some time in their studio piecing together original recordings to produce a fully remastered version of this groundbreaking debut. Influenced from the glories of downtempo, electro, soul, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, and god knows what else, the innovative album […]

3 Mar
Chicago kids return with another groundbreaking video

Having made their name via groundbreaking videos (such as their fan-making and Grammy-winning “Here It Goes Again”), it’s not a shock Ok Go delivers with their latest, “This Too Shall Pass”. Assuming there’s no special effects (doesn’t look like it, but you can never tell), I can’t imagine how time consuming this would be to […]

22 May
EMI proves its obsolescence once and for all

NPR has news on the highly anticipated art project of Danger Mouse, Mark Linkous (aka Sparklehorse) and David Lynch. Apparently, the album, Dark Night of the Soul, may not see the light of day, which would truly suck. With the Justice of the Internet, however, you can hear the whole thing HERE. No, you cannot […]